We Get It. So Your Patients Don’t.

In a healthcare facility, patient care is everything. Unfortunately, thousands fall victim every year to infections caused by dust stirred up during renovation projects.

Stop Contamination

Completing construction without releasing harmful contaminants or disrupting daily operations while also meeting project schedules are primary concerns for healthcare officials. Contractors from the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) recognized this need as “mission critical.” In response, the Carpenters International Training Fund (CITF) engaged leading infection control experts to guide development of an exclusive training program that teaches carpenters specifically how to achieve these goals.

Hospital Construction

Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) Best Practices in Healthcare Construction teaches UBC members how to contain pathogens, control airflow, protect patients, and work without disrupting adjacent operations. Carpenters learn how to:

  • classify work areas to minimize risks
  • understand and adhere to ICRA protocols
  • communicate with the facility’s ICRA team
  • “There is a noticeable difference. Now we are getting the workforce that really understands it, really gets it, and is meeting our needs.”

    Jeffrey D. Clair, RN
    UPMC System Infection Control

  • “The carpenters know exactly what they’re doing. And they’re always talking to the end users so there are no surprises.”

    Phillys Novitskie
    Executive Lead, Facility Planning
    St. Joseph’s Hospital, St. Paul, MN

  • “This program gives a facility’s ICRA team a lot of confidence to know that they are getting a construction crew well-trained in infection control.”

    Andrew Streifel
    Nationally Acclaimed Healthcare
    Construction Infection Control Specialist